The Atom Trainers

The Atom Trainers are an Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics research group led by Prof. Thad G. Walker   within the Department of Physics  of the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Our research includes Rydberg atom quantum information (in collaboration with Prof. Mark Saffman's group), biomagnetism (collaboration with Prof. R. T. Wakai), and hyperpolarized noble gases. We are located on the 5th floor of Chamberlin Hall. Our work is supported by:

National Science Foundation
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Air Force Office of
Scientific Research

See two-atom Fock state Rabi oscillations! (paper here)

Watch a YouTube video of our biomagnetometer at work!

9/3/13 Phys. Rev. Lett. highlights our search for axionlike interactions in Xe gas

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