Ray Newell

Ray earned a Master's degree with the Atom Trainers in 1998 for his development of the first portable magneto-optical atom trap.  Intended for travelling classroom demonstrations, the PortaMOT traps Rubidium atoms to ~100 microKelvin in an apparatus which fits inside two suitcases and weighs less than 50 pounds. Neat-o! Tell me more about the portable trap

Ray worked for Siros Technologies in San Jose, California for two years following his Master's.  Siros was developing a volume-holographic storage media to store Gigabytes of data in a CD-like format.  As a test engineer, Ray built and operated several optical test stations to evaluate the performance of prototype media. 

Ray returned to The Atom Trainers in 2000 to continue his studies and earn a doctoral degree. He has worked on the Holographic Atom Trap experiment which seeks to generate high phase-space densities through all-optical means. 

In 2002 Ray was joyously wed to Adriana Reyes, whom he met in California.  Adriana is also a graduate student in physics, and is studying high-frequency characteristics of novel diode-laser devices.  

Currently Ray is a postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Contact Ray at raymond@lanl.gov