Atom Trainers' Theses

Below are the dissertations and masters theses of previous group members.

Dissertations & Masters Theses
    R. Wyllie IV, The Development of a Multichannel Atomic Magnetometer Array for Fetal Magnetocardiography, 2012
    B. R. Lancor, Studies of the Efficiency of Spin Exchange Optical Pumping, 2011
    Erich Urban, Coherent Manipulation of Single Atom Qubits Using Rydberg States, 2009
    E. G. Brekke, Stimulated Emission Studies of Ultracold Rydberg Atoms, 2009
    J. O. Day, Progress Towards the Creation of an On-Demand Single Photon Source Using Rydberg Atoms, 2008
    E. D. Babcock, Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping with Alkali-Metal Vapors, 2005
    J. S. Sebby, Demonstration of Dense Mesoscopic Atomic Clouds in a Holographic Atom Trap, 2004
    B. Chann, Studies of Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping, 2003
    R. T. R. Newell, Cold and Dense Clouds of Atoms in a Holographic Atom Trap, 2003
    I. A. Nelson, Physics of Practical Spin-Exchange Optical Pumping, 2001
    S. J. Kadlecek, Spin Relaxation in Alkali Vapors, 1999
    R. C. Nesnidal, Ultracold Collision Measurements in Low Intensity Magneto-Optical Traps, 1999
    R. T. Newell, A Portable Magneto-Optical Trap, 1998
    R. S. Williamson, III, Magneto-Optical Trapping of Potassium Isotopes, 1997
   D. Hoffmann, Light-induced collisions of ultracold rubidium atoms, 1996

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