We at the ThadLabs have always held the notion that you can tell when you've worked when you can see something cool come out of it. In that vein, we bring to you the following:

  • A Quicktime clip of Rubidium atoms collected in a magneto-optical trap (MOT).  Rubidium MOT
  • A geometrical ray tracing Java applet. Create your own lens system just like the pros.

    Geometric Optics

  • A tour of the Thadlab gallery of art. You'll undoubtedly be pleased to see that we've painstakingly collected all of these priceless pieces of artwork and tossed them up on top of some shelves. Thadlab Gallery of Sculpture (panel 1) Thadlab Gallery of Sculpture (panel 2) Thadlab Gallery of Sculpture (panel 3)
  • The Stupendous Portable Magneto-Optical Trap. Read more about the project that stunned a nation by showing that atoms could be trapped anywhere you can get wall power. It may not be cheap enough for you to own one yet but you can always wish... The Magnificent Portatrap  
  • More cool toys to come...we hope.